Cap production

We develop specific productions for Private Label clients, with whom we establish regular and permanent cooperation agreements, in a natural process of loyalty, reciprocity of interests and even friendship.
We guarantee our partners absolute control of service quality and the creation of exclusive solutions.
With these conditions and guarantees, combined with a high degree of innovation and constant development of new products, Barcelbordados is not just a mere supplier, but a business partner.
Design, production capacity, flexibility, constant innovation, quality and service: Barcelbordados is an essential supplier and partner for any client.

3D embroidery

Also known as embossed embroidery, it is done in skipping stitch on a thin, flexible sheet of foam.

During embroidery, the needle works like a blade, piercing the sheet while the stitches cover it.

The embroidery is completely raised and the foam sheet is hidden. The excess foam is easily removed at the end of the embroidery.
3D embroidery can be applied to a wide variety of materials, such as caps, sweatshirts, t-shirts and jackets.

Cornelly/Chain embroidery

The Chainstitch and Cornely embroidery machine was invented by Antoine Bonnaz in 1865. The machines were manufactured by the French company Cornely and chainstitch embroidery became the industry standard during the Victorian era and continued to be a popular means of embroidery well into the 1970s.
Today, it is a special type of embroidery produced on specially designed automatic machines. 

The combination of the three types of stitch (chain, cornelly and normal) makes for high value-added creations.

Normal or traditional embroidery

Traditional embroidery is done in polyester, viscose rayon, metallic or cotton thread on all kinds of items.

Any design can be reproduced in this category.

Embroidered lace

We can make any type of embroidered lace and polyester cotton thread, cord and more.

Embroidery with cord and beads

We can embroider various thicknesses and qualities of cord (sequins, beads, glitter, wool, etc.). In this way, we can achieve various effects, depending on the customer's options.

These embroideries are done on the Mixed-Type machine.

Embroidery with sequins

This type of embroidery is very popular on the market due to its significant aesthetic appeal. 

There are sequins in different shapes, sizes and colors, allowing us to create different effects according to the constraints of the design.

Today we can use 4 sizes and 4 colors of sequins in the same embroidery, thus creating a greater diversity of options.
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